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Monday, February 3, 2014

Make You See Stars By- Jocelyn Han

Make You See Stars is relatively different to say the least.  However, I love the difference in this book compared to others I have read.  The Sci Fi of this book is different from any other that I read and I liked it.  I was intrigued and it is a page turner.  So if you like to read something that is new to romance than check out this book.  The chemistry between Alen and Tori is hot and frustrating at the same time.  Not able to be sure that Alen is interested Tori comes off as a bitch but in the end it works out and I love how it came to an end with out a cliffhanger.  I would recommend this book to all over 18 of course.

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Make You See Stars Series-Stardust Erotic Romance Series # 2 By- Jocelyn Han Genre- Erotic Sci Fi Romance Publication Date- December 21, 2013

  Blurb- A fresh start… Determined to have a life of her own, Victoria Weiss flees the safe haven of New Berlin on the planet Mars by accepting an internship on the most remote space station in the solar system. Being the daughter of the Great German ambassador isn’t all glitter and glamour, and Tori needs a fresh start away from her overbearing parents. But running away from your past isn’t easy when you’ve hidden away the darkest parts. Tori hasn’t trusted men ever since a sexual encounter that left her soul scarred, and when the station’s Chief of Security shows an interest in her, she feels torn between running away from him and allowing herself to open up to new possibilities. 

 A troubled past… The last thing Alen Novak expects is to lose his head over an Elite girl. But when Tori Weiss walks into his life, he can’t help but feel she’s different from the Great German leaders who effectively destroyed his Croatian homeland during the Great Wars in Europe. Even though he is the station’s Security Chief, Alen doesn’t command the respect of all his colleagues because of his prison past – and he’s afraid Tori will dismiss him for it right out of the gate. After all, he’s been hurt by a woman he loved before. Fanning the flames of passion… There’s no way to avoid working together, though, and the two are irresistibly drawn to each other. Will Tori and Alen learn how to face their darkest fears, or will the past nip their passionate love in the bud? A sweet, steamy romance for lovers of New Adult with a hint of Futuristic. **CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+** 


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 About the Author- Jocelyn has always loved writing romantic stories set in a futuristic world filled with spaceships and alien worlds. When she was younger, it was enough to write such stories and read them to her best friend (including the really steamy ones!). Nowadays, she publishes her stories as an indie author on sites such as Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and iTunes, and feels privileged she gets to share her futuristic, slightly erotic romances with so many more people. Jocelyn was born in Belgium and traveled the world with her family for years before finally settling in the north of Holland. She loves Star Trek, empty beaches and dim sum.
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